Release 3.3

Release notes – ErnieApp – Version 3.3 – 13 May 2020


  • [EA-495] – Password Reset Email Link – Visibility Of New Password & Confirm New Password
  • [EA-515] – Give User Feedback If Locked Playground Is Tapped
  • [EA-516] – Prize Draw Redemption process
  • [EA-521] – Adding a new un-supported services
  • [EA-531] – Provide Clear Feedback To User When An Expired Account Activation Email Link Is Clicked
  • [EA-573] – Add Download Link To Prize Redemption Email
  • [EA-635] – Update Firebase setting to enable Analytics


  • [EA-619] – Document how to clear cache in Heroku
  • [EA-651] – 3.3 Regression Testing – Android
  • [EA-652] – 3.3 Regression Testing – iOS


  • [EA-252] – Netflix internet service: User with invalid credentials is getting added to the profile -> which doesn’t even exists
  • [EA-365] – Investigate crash analytics report for iOS after 3.1 and 3.2 release
  • [EA-432] – After successful password change – user is not forced to logout
  • [EA-487] – [LIVE] [Game] Tapping ‘Discover more’ At End of ‘The Basics’ Playground List Of Maps Brings User Back Into First Map Level Quiz
  • [EA-488] – Icon for every level is missing while playing any level in the game section
  • [EA-498] – Android: text for ‘share now!’ Button on Successful redemption of ticket pop up is not centered
  • [EA-500] – Button name on “Redeem a Ticket” pop-up is different on iOS and Android
  • [EA-501] – Change your password screen: When user clicks on any field -> system suggested strong password option appears -> user clicks on ‘Choose my own password’ option -> the static text on the screen for “New Password” field gets misaligned
  • [EA-502] – The descriptions of each of the privacy settings are opening/closing randomly for ‘FACEBOOK’
  • [EA-504] – Sign-in button is missing on Recovery Password page
  • [EA-506] – Scraper errors
  • [EA-524] – Ernie Tokens Not Being Applied For Referral During Initial Registration
  • [EA-536] – Android: When user click <- ‘back button’ on Adding selected Internet service account page -> user is directly navigated to Dashboard instead of “Add your account” screen
  • [EA-537] – “Why asking for credentials?” pop-up is getting displayed for unsupported services on android
  • [EA-538] – On “Re-Login Required” screen, “UNLINK account” button is not Faded/Gray on Android
  • [EA-540] – Android: On “Background tasks still running.” pop-up, the action for buttons YES and NO are reverted
  • [EA-554] – When user clicks on “yes” on “Confirm Delete account” pop-up -> an additional confirm delete pop-up is displayed on Android.
  • [EA-559] – On a pre-installed app, for a first time user tutorial is not getting started (it only starts automatically for a first time user on a fresh install)
  • [EA-560] – When user tries to “Add account” INCORRECT Internet service is getting added
  • [EA-571] – Marketplace & Partners Popup Not Always Appearing
  • [EA-584] – Users without a specified country unable to fetch brands for suggestions
  • [EA-594] – Incorrect text on Pop-ups for Partners & Marketplace screens
  • [EA-625] – Prize Redemption Emails Not Triggering In Italian
  • [EA-642] – Android – Global refresh is never ending on live v 3.2.0
  • [EA-645] – Ordering of digital service is by openness, not date created
  • [EA-653] – Android – Quiz Question Numbers Not Incrementing