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Amazon reveals how many Alexa devices have been sold: 100 million

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Jan 7, 2019 | With Amazon revealing how many Alexa devices have been sold (100 million) by Dec 31 2018, it shows how the competition race between Amazon and Google is heating up around voice-enabled assistant devices.

Indeed consumers are showing appetite for these news elegant and stylish “smart” devices but are they conscious of the implications on their privacy and how data collected by such devices gets used or what it represents in “revenues terms”  for the 2  services providers ?

We at Ernieapp believe that consumers should be getting a full description of which data gets collected by voice-enabled assistants and how such data are used irrespective of the privacy regulation applicable to these devices, which at the moment is still unclear, in most parts of the world. End-user should be given (in an easy way) the option to consent whereby their “voice” could or could not be used for a purpose other than being served  “vocal recommendations” on the call.

Are Google and Amazon ready to implement the notion of  “fairness” in User Experience design?

Read full article on Business Insider and available here.