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Brits Want Rewards for Sharing Their Data

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Over half (54%) of UK consumers would be willing to share their personal data for reward points, according to research by OnBuy.

Closely behind this was financial incentives and cash rewards, which 53% of UK consumers would be willing to trade their personal data for. Contrastingly, personalised rewards or recommendations is the incentive that UK consumers would be least enthusiastic about exchanging their personal data for, at only 16%.

Despite the European Union’s general data protection regulation on the horizon (25 May, 2018), 61% of UK consumers believe they will inevitably be giving data to more companies for the foreseeable future.

Over half (60%) of UK consumers would be most uncomfortable sharing their private conversations from the messaging platforms on which they’re active. Thereafter, a consumer’s search history from their web browser was the next most-cited source of data that consumers would refrain from wanting to share, at 51%.

Full article published on Retail Tech News and available here.