Here’s the Conversation We Really Need to Have About Bias at Google

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We at Ernieapp believe that solution resides in people’s informed decisions based on awareness and education about how these amazing free internet services platforms work. Bias is rather the result of people “key wording” searches than platform mishandling. The search engine algorithm performs better and better based on how often and how diverse are people […]

Google, Facebook, Twitter chiefs called back to Senate Intelligence Committee

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Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey and Facebook chief operations officer Sheryl Sandberg will testify in an open hearing at the Senate Intelligence Committee next week, the committee’s chairman has confirmed. Larry Page, chief executive of Google parent company Alphabet, was also invited but has not confirmed his attendance, a committee spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. Full […]

Inside AT&T’s media ambitions

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AT&T’s purchase of AppNexus has been perceived as a landmark development for the adtech sector, and widely interpreted as a precursor to a sustained assault on the duopoly’s dominance of digital ad spend. In its latest earnings call, AT&T revealed that revenue for its advertising and analytics unit, which includes the AdWorks addressable TV group, grew […]

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter Announce “Data Transfer Project”

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Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter have announced on Friday, July 20, the Data Transfer Project (DTP), an initiative to create an open-source, service-to-service data portability platform so that users of their sites and others can easily migrate data from one platform to another. After open-sourcing the code, the four tech giants hope that other platforms […]

Google unveils Measurement Partners scheme as part of its adtech overhaul

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As part of its flagship product conference Google Marketing Platform overhaul, the online advertising behemoth has unveiled Google Measurement Partners, a roster of third-party measurement partners brands can use to verify the performance of their media spend. The Google Measurement Partners program consists of a roster of 23 companies, including ComScore, Nielsen, Oracle Data Cloud […]