ErnieApp Releases in-app gamification

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PRESS RELEASE | ErnieApp | Dublin [29 Oct 2018]. ErnieApp, the first ever Privacy Knowledge Manager to be offered to consumers is proud to announce the release of its in-app gamification for the Play store as of October 27, 2018.

Ernieapp puts the user back at the centre of internet and sets as goal for internet companies to start sharing with users parts of the gains users have enabled businesses to make thank to opted-in engagement. As a result of relying on ErnieApp system, companies can get better data (consented), better engagement (qualified), ad-block free users and hence increase their profitability.

Through users’ qualified engagement the system improves fake traffic detection and incentivize companies to implement "data minimization" approaches, as preconized by GDPR and other nascent international privacy regulations.

To re-build a relationship based on trust between companies and users at a time of data abuses, breaches and leakages but also un-precedent software ad-block adoption by consumers, both on desktop and mobile, we believe it’s vital that each party (companies and users) clarifies transparently their objectives and based on such transparency they can renew a pact of mutual trust.

To enable users to re-set objectives we think users have two assets to count on. The law (which in Europe is called GDPR) and their knowledge, which however needs to be elevated as too often users are left out of understanding how much is critical to value creation their role and engagement on line. By playing the ErnieApp game people will discover how the internet functions and how data-driven business model function and compete to win and preserve users’ loyalty which is the basis for their profitability.

The ErnieApp game is going to be fun and rewarding. We have designed 5 playgrounds (eg public outdoor and private indoor). Users will navigate each playground and answer to a series of quizzes. By getting answers right a user steps up in the awareness status (from novice to ambassador) and by doing so he/she will get a much clearer picture of which business model and which company has more interest in his personal data, why and when.

We have a goal: we want users to step up and claim their fair part of gains and be able to trade their consent. To achieve this objective user need to know how companies collect and process user data for what purpose, how business model  function and compete. The ErnieApp game is a tuition journey, enlighten consumers on disruption technologies and business models which focus their business on personal and non personal data collection and processing.

You can visit us at www.ernieapp.com. Find us on Facebook and LinkedIn! Stay tuned: iOS version of ErnieApp and ErnieApp game coming soon!