ErnieApp Speakership @ “Pay to Pry” Panel DPC 2018

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We are very proud to have been invited by MeP Sophie in’t Veld to speak on Privacy Panel @IAPP 2018 in Brussels last November 28, 2018.

We praised the discussion and the interaction with the distinguished audience.

Clearly the notion of upstream data valuation (which we preconize under RTM approach) is challenged by years of established business consensus that users should not get paid against the data they generate for 3rd parties on line.

However we could also sense from the questions we received a critical shift in thinking and that indeed having a debate on RTM option is compelling when looking into the emergence of new platforms (AI ad IoT) and the consolidation of the existing ones (social network in particular).

We look forward that. If you want to submit to us your thinking please visit us at www.ernieapp.com