ErnieApp Video Released

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PRESS RELEASE | ErnieApp | Dublin [3 Nov. 2018]. ErnieApp is proud to inform that a video introducing the ErnieApp platform is finally available!

ErnieApp is the first ever Privacy Knowledge Manager to be offered to consumers. It reinstates users in his deserved role of value enabler; provides users with tools and insights to understand how to grow digital value for their benefit and the benefit of their services providers while at the same time how to benefit from GDPR. Moreover, it gives users a renewed reason for engaging on line in a responsible way: deters users from using ad-block and fraud the system and rewards those companies that have taken seriously GDPR implementation requirements and have vested interested in relying on consented personal data to maintain profitability.

With desktop and mobile ad-block penetration continuing to grow worldwide and in Europe and the consequent digital value destruction in range of billions of euro, ErnieApp proposes a new engagement model between users and digital businesses: we propose to businesses to offer incentives to users for discouraging ad-block usage and to incentivize users in exchange of data qualification, data enrichment, data portability and consent certification.

ErnieApp is a powerful digital value creation platform, capable to serve consumers on one side and businesses on the other. We have set up an open (API based) user centric consent management framework, where privacy transparency and accountability bundle together as value generator and driver. ErnieApp offers to those companies which are not afraid of having a conversation around user “consent, a tangible, immediate, measurable benefit.

We at ErnieApp have in mind a new internet model profoundly “user centric”, where users participate in the revenue sharing model to the benefit of a new wave of digital growth. We believe that users should stop perceiving the internet as an obscure B2B environment; should stop feeling intimidated by how technology and business practices are enforced on them (e.g. privacy settings obfuscated); should start using, for their benefit, the tools that allow them to benefit from increased privacy and/or data monetization based on opportunistic choices.

To preserve the “open free” internet model we all love and cheer we must have the courage to implement disruptive changes in the existing digital business models, including by those industries that have operated for decades under the 3rd party data supply cross-sharing model (not requiring consent) or companies that have crossed 1st party data without re-taking user express consent (e.g. default opt-in). Nowadays, with GDPR in force and similar laws emerging in other parts of the world, such businesses cannot operate safely, any more.  Nor it’s rewarding as 3rd parties have also become sensitive to privacy and resist to integrate with system which are not transparent. Beside companies with a “digital” face toward users have something worse to endure than privacy fines, they risk facing mass of deceived consumers who decides to delete their digital account, for-good.