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Facebook has new plans for user messaging

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Here is what we think of Mark Zuckerberg yesterday’s announcement on its renewed value proposition to end-users. The proclaim seems very user and privacy friendly, focusing on encryption and ephemerality. But what we read between lines looks much bigger. It’s a U-turn approach to how Facebook does business and compete in the marketplace. Up to now each application has always been cross-fertilizing data collected from users (with or without consent) but it has not enabled interoperability; for example a Whatsapp user is not able to chat, within WhatsApp, with a Messenger user. This a major depart from what we’ve seen in the industry since the Internet rise. Interoperability is a word that applies to telecoms, it’s standardized by inter-governmental bodies and industry collaborating to agree on rules to be implemented over networks interfaces. Now it seems Facebook is launching interoperability (cross-platforms) as a new whole end user service and in fairness this is a major compelling value proposition which splashes in the market forcing competitors to rush to find a response.

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