Former Mark Zuckerberg mentor: I Can’t Stay Silent About What’s Happening

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We read with interest one of the first Facebook investors, Roger McNamee call’s for action, published on TIME this week.

We share with him a common sense of urgency that action is needed. We agree with all of his proposed lines of actions that span from adopting new enforceable privacy regulation also in US, alike the European GDPR, to launching a solid  capacity building/awareness campaign toward individuals so to change people’s naive behaviors on-line; from calling the whole digital industry to rethink entirely digital business models and in particular calling on Google, Facebook and Twitter to change how they mine people’s data and profile users which risks to put in jeopardy democracy.

We share his views that adopting data mining minimization principle (as already put forward by GDPR) and implementing data portability represent positive steps forward which also entail positive competition effects.

Out of his analysis and articulated forward-looking proposals there’s one particular goal that we praise and which we have made the core of our vision:  the reliance on “user express consent” as default practice by digital industry.

We could not agree more with such fundamental goal while we understand many players in the industry will resist it. But this is what we at Ernieapp deeply believe in. Users deserve to choose whom they give consent, for how long and if in return of a value they esteem fair.

This is why we designed Ernieapp to serve consumers and enable them to manage freely their consent in an on-line world.