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Google fined €50 million by France for breaking the GDPR

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Jan 22, 2019 | When reading the news on the French CNIL fine on Google, we at ErnieApp believe that technology is an enabler and should never become a barrier for consumers.

Privacy by design is a challenging task for IT companies and GDPR has uplifted the bar so we also understand why it’s difficult to make of privacy management an easy thing for the benefit of consumers. Still the matter at stake it’s too big and this is why we designed our Privacy Knowledge Manager to resolve this challenge.

Giving a single click to users for managing complex privacy “configuration options” on popular internet services is what we bring to consumers and what we offer to companies to avoid being fined under GDPR consent requirements.

Check ErnieApp in the Android store to see how it works and discover in few weeks the iOS version.

Read full article on Euractive and available here.