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Here’s the Conversation We Really Need to Have About Bias at Google

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We at Ernieapp believe that solution resides in people’s informed decisions based on awareness and education about how these amazing free internet services platforms work. Bias is rather the result of people “key wording” searches than platform mishandling. The search engine algorithm performs better and better based on how often and how diverse are people input.

A search engine exploits people’s input (right or wrong key words) to feed its algorithms and power up its predictive capability. Predicting don’t require that the perfect or right answer is served. It only helps delivering, as response to a user query, what most users have clicked to determine the consensus answer.

So users data nurture algorithms like healthy food. Including for search engines algorithms. Hence here comes the time to question for how long people will continue to do it for free if algorithm ran by internet companies depend so much on real people on-line engagement.

Full article published on The New York Times and available here.