What is Ernie App?

ErnieApp is a Privacy Knowledge Manager (PKM).

A PKM empowers You to control how internet  companies monetize your data based on the “consent” you provided them (the sharing permission you agreed to). User consent is usually collected upon sign-in to a digital service and at other times but users often underestimate what consent means. For digital companies your consent means a granted right to make a business with your data.

So with Ernieapp you can learn that your consent is important and that you have a right to change it, anytime you want  (from Yes to No). Your decision to let a company use your personal data is so yours that you can also delete your personal data or request to be excluded from targeting advertisement and companies will have to accept it. So you are powerful!

You can claim a fairer treatment from companies and just by managing your consent.

ErnieApp gives you this opportunity.

To manage dynamically  your consent in exchange for good behavior from digital companies.

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