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Facebook has finally introduced a new privacy option for the users. The “Off-Facebook Activity” option. The naming is purposely confusing, but we will exemplify it for you. It’s about the data that third-party apps and websites collect on you when visiting their websites and using their app and then they share with Facebook so Facebook can send you targeted ads. Now you can oppose and prevent such sharing as well as delete the data in question. It is simple. You can do it with a click from ErnieApp subject to having added your Facebook account in app. If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend you do so. Go to the dashboard, click on (+) and add your Facebook account. Then on the privacy settings page click on “wipe’ to delete the data that Facebook and its partners have gathered to profile you. 
Our slogan is very straightforward “Need my data? Need my consent!”. We are all able to grant consent to apps and websites but few knows how much this is worth. It’s time to
find it out, whether it’s been given to Google, Instagram or other applications that rely on that consent to profile and send personalized ads.
With our app you can now measure the value of your consents on-line, in real time. Check your privacy barometer (the Openness Index). Help us making ErnieApp
known and trusted. Compare your Openness Index with those of your friends. And above all start ration your
express consent as it’s a rare asset. Be mindful about it. We are interested in your opinion. Write us at, rate us on the stores. Help us spreading our vision and message : without user express consent, data and user profiling bye bye. As simple as that!
Beyond WhatsApp and Snapchat, other popular internet services do not offer privacy options to their users. Why? Simple, these services don’t want that you opt-out. By not giving you the “opt-out” option, they preserve their profitability as they view you as a monetization asset. But is this acceptable? No, it is not. It is not, because by doing so they cheat the users and, above all, it is not permitted by the GDPR. GDPR establishes, in crystal clear terms, that any website or application that profile users for advertisement purposes must obtain the prior express consent of the user; such consent must be revocable and the data collected for that purpose (eg targeted advertisement) shall be deleted, if requested by the user and even transferred, by the user himself, if he/she wishes so, anytime. So why applications that we all use and love, like Zoom and TikTok, do not respect these fundamental privacy requirements? If we drive a scooter without an helmet, we get fined. Why if these companies do not respect the GDPR, they don’t get fined at all? Because enforcing GDPR it’s difficult, and above all, because we, the users, do not give sufficient relevance to these violations. This is not good! If we let them do what they want (business as usual also without our consent), these companies will never respect us and even less share any of their profits with us. We are saying: enough is enough! Do we want to let them know that we disagree with such practices? Of course yes! Plus, it’s easy to tell them. it. Go to ErnieApp dashboard, tap on (+), select Zoom and Tik Tok and vote your deepest disappointment. WhatsApp has already collected more than 624.000 negative votes. The more of us who vote, the stronger we will be. You can also vote more than once. Do you think it is useless? Actually, it is not. By rating negatively the privacy practices of these companies the pressure will get heard. Come on, try it! Vote on TikTok, Zoom and WhatsApp, share with friends and your family. You will become a privacy “super hero”! 



On June 18, GDPR: 2 Years on” virtual event was organized by Forum Europe moderated by President Paul Adamson. Our CEO, Isabella De Michelis was invited to discuss with Andrea Jelinek, Chairwoman of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB); Salla Saastamoinen, acting Director General of the European Commission’s Justice Directorate and Barbara Cosgrave, VP and Chief Privacy Officer of Workday about GDPR achievements and the challenges of the future. ErnieApp CEO shared the company’s vision which is about promoting public policies that maximize consumer benefits and the rights of consumers to participate in data monetization opportunities. Click on the banner to watch the event. Stay tuned! Follow us on social media to receive in real time the company new services support announcement and the dates and places where our CEO has been invited to speak.  
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