Tech giants in the digital age

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Tommaso Valletti, European Commission, DG Competition Chief Economist speaking about tech giants and dominance at CRA Conference on Dec 5, 2018.

In his presentation, the Chief Economist emphasized how privacy policy can entrench dominance and also what possible remedies can be devised.

We encourage you to look at his slide n.12 (available at https://ecp.crai.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Tommaso-Valletti-2018.pdf) where he points to

  1. consumer better understanding privacy implications and
  2. consumers asking to be paid, as potential ways forward to level dominance of data-driven platforms.

We at ErnieApp we could not agree more and this is why we built ErnieApp platform as a platform whereby the consumer can infer a downstream effect in the data supply market.