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We are ready to Go! Our consumer internet service has global ambition. We will transform how people go on-line and set new privacy digital standards for the industry.   Get it on Google Play
Our headquarter is in Dublin. Our team is growing. We apply high standards. We are hiring!
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We are inviting you to join a new community. Everybody can use a Privacy Knowledge Manager and enforce very simply his GDPR rights.

An Introduction to the Right to Monetize (RTM)

Without Internet users, consuming on line services and applications, the digital economy would not exist. Its expansion and diversification would not flourish. Each one single “click & touch” made by an Internet user over web or mobile (including when someone is not consuming stricto-sensu a service on line, meaning he/she is not buying a good or a service for which he/she pays by mean of a payment instrument), is what makes the Internet a dynamic and growing ecosystem of technologies, services, products and new business models...

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ErnieApp is a Privacy Knowledge Manager (PKM).

A PKM empowers You to control how internet companies monetize your data based on the “consent” you provided them (the sharing permission you agreed to). User consent is usually collected upon sign-in to a digital service and at other times but users often underestimate what consent means. For digital companies your consent means a granted right to make a business with your data.

So with Ernieapp you can learn that your consent is important and that you have a right to change it, anytime you want (from Yes to No). Your decision to let a company use your personal data is so yours that you can also delete your personal data or request to be excluded from targeting advertisement and companies will have to accept it. So you are powerful!

You can claim a fairer treatment from companies and just by managing your consent.

ErnieApp gives you this opportunity.

To manage dynamically your consent in exchange for good behavior from digital companies.


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The chances to make an impact derive from
the right of each one of us to make choices

Ernie is powering up our choices

With just a click you can initiate a revolution.

Facts and News

Facebook times getting harder in Europe

3 weeks ago | Privacy

Germany will enforce European law against Facebook if it combines its Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services into a unified platform that would amount to a “monopoly,” according to the country’s justice minister. “This [plan to merge messaging services] raises major questions about antitrust and data protection,” Katarina Barley, a Social Democrat, said in a […]

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Apple bans Facebook’s Research app that paid users for data | TechCrunch

3 weeks ago | Privacy

Apple and Facebook are clearly very distant on privacy approach. In the wake of TechCrunch’s investigation yesterday, Apple blocked Facebook’s Research VPN app before the social network could voluntarily shut it down. The Research app asked users for root network access to all data passing through their phone in exchange for $20 per month. Apple […]

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Palantir’s Alex Karp rips Silicon Valley, accuses it of selling out America

3 weeks ago | Economics

Worth reading as it shows how divided are American companies on the privacy and its impact on business models. Alex Karp, CEO of Silicon Valley-based Palantir, is slamming the tech community for what he considers a breach of its social contract with America. Big Tech is no longer delivering on its value proposition, the co-founder […]

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ErnieApp Decoding Organizational DNA | Accenture

4 weeks ago | Internet Economics

Not a surprise that the industry starts looking into employment/workforce generated data as potentially triggering great value and reusability/monetization opportunities. Fortunately, the Accenture study preconizes for a successful data model relying on workforce generated data the expressed consent rule and the set up of a transparent gain participation scheme for employees. We @ErnieApp share such vision and […]

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Robert Barnes
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Claudia Collacchi
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Matteo Visin
Full-stack Developer, Sr

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Daniele Baschirotto
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