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We are ready to Go! Our consumer internet service has global ambition. We will transform how people go on-line and set new privacy digital standards for the industry.
Our headquarter is in Dublin. Our team is growing. We apply high standards. We are hiring!
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We are inviting you to join a new community. Everybody can use a Privacy Knowledge Manager and enforce very simply his GDPR rights.

An Introduction to the Right to Monetize (RTM)

Without Internet users, consuming on line services and applications, the digital economy would not exist. Its expansion and diversification would not flourish. Each one single “click & touch” made by an Internet user over web or mobile (including when someone is not consuming stricto-sensu a service on line, meaning he/she is not buying a good or a service for which he/she pays by mean of a payment instrument), is what makes the Internet a dynamic and growing ecosystem of technologies, services, products and new business models...

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ErnieApp is a Privacy Knowledge Manager (PKM).

A PKM empowers You to control how internet companies monetize your data based on the “consent” you provided them (the sharing permission you agreed to). User consent is usually collected upon sign-in to a digital service and at other times but users often underestimate what consent means. For digital companies your consent means a granted right to make a business with your data.

So with Ernieapp you can learn that your consent is important and that you have a right to change it, anytime you want (from Yes to No). Your decision to let a company use your personal data is so yours that you can also delete your personal data or request to be excluded from targeting advertisement and companies will have to accept it. So you are powerful!

You can claim a fairer treatment from companies and just by managing your consent.

ErnieApp gives you this opportunity.

To manage dynamically your consent in exchange for good behavior from digital companies.


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The chances to make an impact derive from
the right of each one of us to make choices

Ernie is powering up our choices

With just a click you can initiate a revolution.

Facts and News

Cloud Gaia-X

Parte il Cloud europeo con Gaia-X per proteggere i nostri dati

2 weeks ago | Highlights

Con Gaia-X — in teoria potremmo diventare azionisti dei nostri dati. In soccorso ci viene l’articolo 6 della Gdpr che rivendica il fatto che i dati con cui facciamo ogni tipo di operazione su Internet sono nostri ma che ci consente di cancellarli o trasferirli tramite il meccanismo del consenso. Con ErnieApp si può sistematizzare questo […]

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September 2020 – Prize Draw winner announcement

4 weeks ago | Media

ErnieApp is very happy to announce the name of the September 2020 Prize Draw winner. The winner of the €100 Amazon Gift Card is Manuele V.     We are preparing lots of surprises to come up in the next software release. For those who love discovering how powerful a PKM can be, stay tuned […]

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Giuseppe Usai

August 2020 – Prize Draw winner announcement

2 months ago | Media

ErnieApp is very happy to announce the name of the August 2020 Prize Draw winner. The winner of the €100 Amazon Gift Card is Giuseppe Usai. We would like to thank Giuseppe for having consented to have his name and picture published on our website and by doing this to act as ErnieApp testimonials. We […]

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Ma TikTok i privacy setting ce li ha o no? E cosa ne fa dei nostri dati?

2 months ago | Newsletter

«L’App cinese di video e musica per giovani TikTok è stupida, l’ambizione imperiale della Cina no». È il titolo parafrasato dell’articolo scritto per Bloomberg a Luglio da Niall Ferguson, rispettato docente di storia a Stanford ed Harvard, visiting professor alla Tsinghua di Pechino. L’App, ideata in Cina è, come noto, al centro dell’ultima battaglia tra l’Amministrazione Trump e Pechino. […]

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