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We are ready to Go! Our mobile internet service has global ambition. We will transform how people go on-line and set new digital standards for the industry.
Our headquarter is in Dublin. Our team is growing. We apply high standards. We look for talents.
We are building a new like-minded community. We need your support to build a better user experience and a disruptive transformational opportunity.


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An Introduction to the Right to Monetize (RTM)

Without Internet users, consuming on line services and applications, the digital economy would not exist. Its expansion and diversification would not flourish. Each one single “click & touch” made by an Internet user over web or mobile (including when someone is not consuming stricto-sensu a service on line, meaning he/she is not buying a good or a service for which he/she pays by mean of a payment instrument), is what makes the Internet a dynamic and growing ecosystem of technologies, services, products and new business models...

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ErnieApp is a Privacy Knowledge Manager (PKM). It enables consumers around the world to claim a fair compensation back from digital companies when these build a business thanks to their digital interaction.

A PKM puts "user consent" at the heart of the trusted relationship between the user and its service provider enabling the user to be an active contributor to digital value creation.

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The chances to make an impact derive from
the right of each one of us to make choices

Ernie is powering up our choices

With just a click you can initiate a revolution.

Facts and News

Tech giants in the digital age

5 days ago | Highlights

Tommaso Valletti, European Commission, DG Competition Chief Economist speaking about tech giants and dominance at CRA Conference on Dec 5, 2018. In his presentation, the Chief Economist emphasized how privacy policy can entrench dominance and also what possible remedies can be devised. We encourage you to look at his slide n.12 (available at where he points […]

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ErnieApp Speakership @ “Pay to Pry” Panel DPC 2018

2 weeks ago | Highlights

We are very proud to have been invited by MeP Sophie in’t Veld to speak on Privacy Panel @IAPP 2018 in Brussels last November 28, 2018. We praised the discussion and the interaction with the distinguished audience. Clearly the notion of upstream data valuation (which we preconize under RTM approach) is challenged by years of […]

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PageFair and Blockthrough joined forces

3 weeks ago | Highlights

We are seeing industry consolidation also in the niche market of ad-block mitigation solution. This can mean only one thing. Ad-block is and remains a big problem which is continuing affecting the industry as a whole but digital publishers and advertisers in particular. “Blockthrough has acquired PageFair. Together, the combined company is the clear leader […]

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ErnieApp CEO Invited to speak @ IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2018

4 weeks ago | Highlights

PRESS RELEASE | ErnieApp | Dublin [19 Nov 2018]. ErnieApp CEO Isabella De Michelis invited to speak at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress in Brussels on 28 November 2018. She will participate to the “Pay to Pry – Will a Price Tag Disincentivise Excessive Data Use?” session moderated by Sophie in ‘t Veld, MEP, Chair, European Parliament’s […]

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ErnieApp Limited

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88 Harcourt Street,
Dublin 2, D02 DK18, Ireland
Tax ID: IE-3449986LH

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Taylor's Lane, Ushers,
Guinness Enterprise Centre (GEC)
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Our Team

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Isabella De Michelis di Slonghello

Isabella De Michelis di Slonghello
CEO, CSO and founder

Michele Mangili (PhD)

Michele Mangili (PhD)
Chief Architect and Head of Engineering

Carlo di Biagio

Carlo di Biagio
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Barnes

Robert Barnes
VP, Marketing, Sales and Partnerships

Claudia Collacchi

Claudia Collacchi
Finance and Human Resources

Matteo Visin

Matteo Visin
Full-stack Developer, Sr

Daniele Baschirotto

Daniele Baschirotto
Mobile Developer, Sr

Daniele Moro

Daniele Moro
Networking Engineer (PhD Student)

Alessia Specchio

Alessia Specchio
Graphic & Web Designer

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