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In the year of the world’s great crisis, according to data from the second quarter of 2021, Apple sold 50 percent more iPhones, Google increased advertising revenue by 69 percent, while Microsoft achieved the best revenue ever. And yet, despite these successes, Big Tech faces one of the most critical stages of their history: the arrival of the global minimum tax decided at the G20, the scandals that swept Facebook, accused of spreading fake news and hate speeches to increase profits, the crackdown on privacy and monopolies abuses coming from the United States, Europe and China, the microchip crisis and much more. How will change, if ever, the great masters of the network? On the occasion of the Web Summit in Lisbon, this is the theme of the episode of Eta Beta.

Guests: Isabella De Michelis, founder of ErnieApp, expert in data governance. Participated in the Lisbon Web Summit;

Stefano Epifani, President of the Foundation for Digital Sustainability and Professor of Innovation at La Sapienza University;

Damiano Crognali, journalist and podcaster expert on new technologies. Participated in the Web Summit in Lisbon.

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