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Change to our Reward Policy


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August 2022

Change to our Reward policy

Dear ErnieApp user,

This article is to notify you of some important changes to ErnieApp tokens’-based Reward scheme, starting from Oct. 1st 2022.


The changes are concurrent to app v. 4.0 release, planned for mid Oct. 2022. It’s important that you are informed and understand how the planned changes impact you. In due course we will notify you of the updates to the End User License Agreement, the Prize Draw terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy.



  • Under current Reward Policy, users accrue Ernie tokens against ‘actions’. They can then use tokens to redeem tickets and participate in the monthly Prize Draw (50 tokens = 1 ticket).
  • Beginning Oct 1st 2022, Ernie tokens will cease to exist. A new unit called Ernie’s will be introduced in app. As a result of that, any un-used Ernie token will be terminated by Sept 30, 2022.
  • Beginning with v. 4.0 release a new app logic will come into effect: users will continue to be able to accrue Ernie’s against actions but will also be allowed to purchase Ernie’s on the store.
  • The Prize Draw will be maintained. However, it will not be any more necessary to redeem tickets to participate. Any user, having used the app in the month preceding the Prize Draw, will be entitled to participate. Prize draw frequency and winner notification process will remain un-changed.


  • Good news! You don’t lose them. You can redeem your Ernie tokens until our final 2022 Prize Draw edition with tokens (Sept. 2022). However, you can only accrue tokens until 30, 2022. During Sept. the Reward Policy screen will show inactive. Ernie tokens will remain visible in dashboard until Sept. 30, 2022.


  • Prize Draw will take place, unchanged, at the beginning of Oct. 2022. We anticipate the final Prize Draw prize to feature a high-end 5G smartphone. So, remember to redeem as many Ernie tokens as possible in between now and then. At midnight on Sept 30th, 2022 all un-redeemed tokens will be cancelled.



  • Upcoming rel 4.0 will introduce new value-added features resulting from the powering up of the PKM engine enabling new rich privacy-enhanced services.
  • We will propose you to choose between 3 Service plans: Silver (Free); Red and Black (Premium requiring Ernie’s to unlock them).
  • To all our current users updating to app v. 4.0 we will award a special bonus of 1’000 Ernie’s on update while to all new app 4.0 users we will award 200 Ernie’s as welcome bonus.
  • With regret, we will pause the support to Huawei (GMS version) starting from app v 4.0.


Visit to stay updated. If you wish to reward us for our efforts pls rate the app in the store. It will help other users to trust us. You can also continue to invite friends and accrue 300 tokens for each friend who registers not later than Aug 30 2022.


The team at ErnieApp