World Business Women’s Day

World Business Wome

October 20, 2022 15.00 BST | Women and Technology | Speed Keynote Briefing. On occasion of the World Business Women 2022 day Isabella De Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, will be a keynote speaker with Margaret Rice-Jones, Non-Executive Director (Calnex Solutions) and Deborah Leary OBE D.Univ,FRSA,CCMI, […]

Philosophy of the City

Philosophy of the City

Turin (Italy) | Valentino Castle | Philosophy of the City Annual Conference | 21st September 2022 at 5 PM CEST (Honour Room). Isabella De Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, joins Prof. Maurizio Ferraris (Università degli Studi di Torino) to discuss about New Science for the City. Read […]

Have you redeemed your unused Ernie tokens?


We are approaching the Prize draw date (October 30, 2022). This will be the last Prize Draw with Ernie tokens and starting with app release 4.0 only Ernie’s  units will be used in-app. Mind up and check your token balance right now. Redeem for 50 tokens a Prize Draw ticket. The Amazon gift cards are […]

Your consent to data processing matters, for which ‘purpose’ even more


Since the GDPR took effect in May 2018, we’ve seen over 900 fines issued across the European Economic Area (EEA) and the U.K. GDPR fines have ramped up significantly. The most frequent privacy violations are related to user’s consent abused (companies workaround the consent requirement to process people’s personal data). With the PKM you can now […]

Facebook shouldn’t build the metaverse.


“We’re in this bizarre world where the disaster that is Facebook’s influence on our culture is seen by many people as a vision of the metaverse,” said Herman Narula, Improbable CEO (Improbable is a leading game developer company massively investing in the metaverse). “I think what we learn is that Facebook probably shouldn’t build the […]

Redeem your unused Ernie tokens!


Following strong demand from our users and despite we had announced that from October 1 2022 it would have not been anymore possible to convert Ernie tokens in Prize Draw tickets, we are now extending the redemption window until app 4.0 release. Please be aware that app 4.0 is coming very soon. If you have […]