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Partnership announced!

Associazione Privacy APS ITALY

Proud to announce a joint partnership with Associazione Privacy APS ITALY. APS has a superb program for Colleges called RPD Studente. ErnieApp has agreed to provide the customised education PKM app for schools enrolled in 2024 edition. Together we invest in ‘privacy rights’ evangelisation.

1.000 Ernie’s for Black plan


Did you know that in addition to the unlimited features included in the Black premium plan you can also save your accounts’ passwords in the vault and enjoy a much easier experience on ErnieApp if you have many accounts on which managing privacy settings? Accrue many Ernie’s and upgrade to Black for free.

Breaking news: Right to Monetize voted in Strasbourg!


EU Parliament voted in plenary the adoption of the Data Act which sets for consumers the right to be compensated when they consent to the sharing of their non-personal data toward companies.  Get ready for this opportunity ! Protect your private data. Share and gain from your non personal data.  Do it with ErnieApp.

Mobile app tracking you?


Yes, except very few exceptions like ErnieApp. Developers generally design their app to collect your data which they can sell to data brokers and digital platforms which reuse them to target you with ads. Some exemple: calculators, weather apps, game apps etc. How to protect yourself? By managing the privacy setting. (Photo by William Hook)

No sensitive info on ChatGPT!


Walmart notified all employees not to share any business information on ChatGPT or other AI bots. Why? Because ChatGPT ingests any information and make it available ‘as is’ to everyone, including confidential information. So, be careful!

Your award when you recommend an app

How to get Ernies - Accrue front

Recommending an app had never been easier. It’s a simple click on a Refer a Friend button. However, it’s important noting that making a referral is a valuable demonstration of trust toward the app developer and as such should always be rewarded. At ErnieApp we award you 150 Ernie’s for each registered user you recommended […]

More universities are banning TikTok from their campus networks and devices

More and more U.S. public universities have blocked the social media app TikTok from their networks and are in the process of removing the app from university-issued devices because of digital security concerns. “There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about data privacy and TikTok. It’s not paranoia,” said Karen North, a professor of digital […]

Privacy on Pinterest easy!


Hello ErnieApp users! PKM 4.0 is now released!  You can now control Pinterest privacy settings including your cookies preferences. Pinterest asks your permission to share you profile with search engines. Were you aware of?

ErnieApp 4.0 coming!


Are you ready for ErnieApp 4.0? We’re getting closer and closer to app 4.0 release. Among other things it will empower you to discover how Google monetize your profile online. True Google says it doesn’t sell your personal data or location history to advertisers but in fact it auctions off your profile via key words […]

European Internet Forum – The Data Act

European Internet Forum

Your data are becoming very valuable for you. Companies need your express consent to collect data about you and exploit them. The tech market valuations of companies monetizing people’s data is on the verge to collapse because of the mounting number of users who ‘reject all’ cookies plus deny consent to personal data collection and […]