ErnieApp – Privacy Knowledge Manager

Time to wipe your personal data?


It’s a good practice to exercise your privacy rights on a regular basis. If you regularly wipe your search history on Google search, Google Maps and You Tube, have you considered wiping search history on Instagram and facebook as well?  Give it a try. It’s so easy with ErnieApp that it’s like a breeze.

Google data view : did you click?


Whichever plan you’re enrolled, you can action the Data View functionality on your Gmail profile. Have you tried it already? If you click on the little ‘eye’ icon you will ‘visualize’ your Google profile parameters, those same parameters Googles auction off every day to advertisers and marketers. This information are truly personal data. They span […]

More universities are banning TikTok from their campus networks and devices

More and more U.S. public universities have blocked the social media app TikTok from their networks and are in the process of removing the app from university-issued devices because of digital security concerns. “There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about data privacy and TikTok. It’s not paranoia,” said Karen North, a professor of digital […]

Privacy take-up in Africa


The comprehensive data protection laws in Africa share many features that exist in other regimes such as the GDPR, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, and California’s California Consumer Privacy Protection Act and its successor, the California Privacy Rights Act. For example, with respect to the most common rights of data subjects, 33 African countries provide […]

Privacy on Pinterest easy!


Hello ErnieApp users! PKM 4.0 is now released!  You can now control Pinterest privacy settings including your cookies preferences. Pinterest asks your permission to share you profile with search engines. Were you aware of?

ErnieApp 4.0 coming!


Are you ready for ErnieApp 4.0? We’re getting closer and closer to app 4.0 release. Among other things it will empower you to discover how Google monetize your profile online. True Google says it doesn’t sell your personal data or location history to advertisers but in fact it auctions off your profile via key words […]

October 2022 – Prize Draw Winner Announcement


ErnieApp is happy to announce the winner of the October 2022 Prize Draw edition (25€ Amazon Gift Card). The lucky winner is Cristina C. Well done Cristina ! Cristina is a member of the ErnieApp community which continues to grow and expand beyond European geographies. We can now account new active users in Mexico, Unites […]

Discover the power of the Privacy Knowledge Manager


Have you linked one or more Google digital identity (account) to your PKM? Have you already swiped on the switch applying to Google Ad Targeting privacy setting? Have you realized that the ON/OFF switch commands how Google sells you as a ‘targetable’ audience?  Be mindful of the implications. If you turn the switch ON (Green) […]

SBS ICT Forum Invitation, 29 September


Brussels (Belgium). SBS ICT Forum 2022 on “Digital Sovereignty – Towards a vibrant SME ecosystem”. 29 September 2022, 10:00-13:00 CEST | Isabella de Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, joins Justina Bieliauskaite (Digital SME) and Emilia Tantar, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer (Black Swan LUX S.A.) […]

Record privacy fine (€402 million) for Instagram


This sanction is about children’s privacy. More specifically it prohibits to Instagram to continue to abuse of minors’ naiveté when they sign-up on Instagram and forget to check on the privacy settings configuration which the company deceptively set for its own advantage. Reach out to your children and talk to them. You can manage the […]