Xiaomi prize draw Sept 2022


A brand new Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G smartphone can be yours! Hurry up! Convert your tokens for the September prize draw now before is too late. Remember that by Sept. 30th 2022 all Ernie tokens will cease to exist.

Discover the power of the Privacy Knowledge Manager


Have you linked one or more Google digital identity (account) to your PKM? Have you already swiped on the switch applying to Google Ad Targeting privacy setting? Have you realized that the ON/OFF switch commands how Google sells you as a ‘targetable’ audience?  Be mindful of the implications. If you turn the switch ON (Green) […]

SBS ICT Forum Invitation, 29 September


Brussels (Belgium). SBS ICT Forum 2022 on “Digital Sovereignty – Towards a vibrant SME ecosystem”. 29 September 2022, 10:00-13:00 CEST | Isabella de Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, joins Justina Bieliauskaite (Digital SME) and Emilia Tantar, Chief Data and Artificial Intelligence Officer (Black Swan LUX S.A.) […]

Record privacy fine (€402 million) for Instagram


This sanction is about children’s privacy. More specifically it prohibits to Instagram to continue to abuse of minors’ naiveté when they sign-up on Instagram and forget to check on the privacy settings configuration which the company deceptively set for its own advantage. Reach out to your children and talk to them. You can manage the […]

Privacy fines continues to rise


Google and Meta were fined in Korea for violation of privacy laws up to $71.8M as reported by Tech Crunch. The sanction was due for violation of the rule of consent. Without legitimate user’s consent (opt-in) data cannot be collected and monetized. Keep it in mind. Read the full article 

Invitation for speaking engagement – DSA / DMA Lisbon Conference – 13th September

Lisbon (13/09/2022) ErnieApp founder and CEO Isabella de Michelis invited by Morais Leitão Law Firm to be a panelist with Gonçalo Machado Borges at the workshop held at law firm premises about the Digital Market Act and its impact on digital players. Isabella will be explaining the relevance of the Right to Monetize and why it’s critical that […]

Carrara (Italy). Festival Con-Vivere 2022 edition

banner De Biase-De Michelis

Carrara (Italy). Festival Con-Vivere 2022 edition. Sept 8 2022, 21:00 CEST| Isabella de Michelis, CEO and founder ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, joins Luca de Biase journalist at #IlSole24Ore and director of #NOVA24 in a conversation with Filippo Lubrano about Europe, data sovereignty policies and Right to Monetize and how consumer’s […]