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Are your Ray Ban glasses an Internet of Thing device?

Ray-Ban Meta

Yes, if your glasses are ‘smart and connected’, they indeed qualify as an IoT device and under the EU Data Act, you will be entitled to a fair compensation if and when you will consent to companies to collect and use data for a commercial reason. Are you ready? To be ready you need to […]

Check your Openness Index on your Smart Watch

Task 2 - front screen

Have you tried to view the Openness Index via your smart watch? It’s very convenient. No need to open the app. Just check the watch screen. Make sure to have added the app widget on the phone Home screen.

Breaking news: Tik Tok must be uninstalled.


EU executive’s IT service has asked all European Commission employees to uninstall TikTok from their corporate devices, as well as the personal devices using corporate apps, citing data protection concerns. We at ErnieApp pointed to Tik Tok unfriendly privacy settings since a long time. Read >>> full article <<<

No sensitive info on ChatGPT!


Walmart notified all employees not to share any business information on ChatGPT or other AI bots. Why? Because ChatGPT ingests any information and make it available ‘as is’ to everyone, including confidential information. So, be careful!

US Supreme Court vs Google

us google

US Supreme Court vs Google:  will federal US law permit a major tech company like Google to be sued over which content its algorithms served up to certain users? The Gonzalez case is coming up for discussion and it could change forever the Internet that we know. Why?  Because up to now platforms are not considered […]

World Business Women’s Day

World Business Wome

October 20, 2022 15.00 BST | Women and Technology | Speed Keynote Briefing. On occasion of the World Business Women 2022 day Isabella De Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, will be a keynote speaker with Margaret Rice-Jones, Non-Executive Director (Calnex Solutions) and Deborah Leary OBE D.Univ,FRSA,CCMI, […]

Philosophy of the City

Philosophy of the City

Turin (Italy) | Valentino Castle | Philosophy of the City Annual Conference | 21st September 2022 at 5 PM CEST (Honour Room). Isabella De Michelis, CEO and founder of ErnieApp, the inventor of the Privacy Knowledge Manager app, joins Prof. Maurizio Ferraris (Università degli Studi di Torino) to discuss about New Science for the City. Read […]

Invitation for speaking engagement – DSA / DMA Lisbon Conference – 13th September

Lisbon (13/09/2022) ErnieApp founder and CEO Isabella de Michelis invited by Morais Leitão Law Firm to be a panelist with Gonçalo Machado Borges at the workshop held at law firm premises about the Digital Market Act and its impact on digital players. Isabella will be explaining the relevance of the Right to Monetize and why it’s critical that […]

ErnieApp explained to the retail banks as a digital marketing tool of the future.

“Il tema più caldo nel rapporto tra marketing e algoritmi è però quello della profilazione. Dalla fine del 2023 Google eliminerà i cookie di terza parte da Chrome, il sistema che consente ai siti di offrire agli utenti esperienze sartoriali, memorizzando le informazioni su di loro. Un annuncio che ha scosso il mondo dei pubblicitari, […]

What is the Value of Consumer Data in Today’s Digital Economy?

User’s generated data are the source of a growing amount of wealth that appears to be more and more unequally distributed and monopolized by few Big Tech multinationals. The third episode of the Podcast series “From industrial to digital citizenship” explores how the value-added produced by digital users could be measured in view of enforcing […]