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Large platforms mandated to introduce data portability by 2024!


The European Union has designed 19 companies among which the largest platforms in the world like Google, Meta and others, to comply with Digital Market Act new ‘data portability’ requirement for user. Companies have less than 1 year to implement solutions which allows users to migrate their personal data to other services. So, after GDPR […]

Internet users can you please ‘wake up’ ?

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This is a gentle reminder that you have strong privacy ‘rights’ as well as nascent data monetization right linked to how you set your consent preferences to data sharing toward companies. Depends on your if you wish to obtain more privacy or give up.

Did you know that …

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65% of the world population is now covered by privacy laws? Still, users underestimate the power they have and ignore how to exercise their privacy rights. Discover more about your rights. Visit ernieapp website (No trackers. No ads. Just information). Play with Ernie game, talk with your friends, show them how easy it is the […]

It was time. User’s Right to Monetize becoming a reality!

The European Commission has launched a revolution for Internet users. It framed it under the Data Market Act. Under this Act, starting on March 2024, users will be allowed to export their data from Google, Meta and Amazon services and transfer them onto other companies, which can eventually pay users back.

Did you know that Ernie’s game is also available on the web?

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We published the Ernie game on the ErnieApp website. In 4 languages. You can play it at home from your computer or from the mobile app. Talk to your friends and family. Help them understand how to protect themselves online and how to take full advantage of the privacy rights enshrined in the GDPR.

Check your privacy settings on Linkedin!

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Linkedin is owned by Microsoft. They offer multiple privacy settings. Few of you are aware of how many data Linkedin collect and use to target you with advertisements. So be smart and start checking your privacy setting on Linkedin right now.

Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?

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AI is a new technology and the implication of its deployment and adoption in everyday life is still unknown. If you want to know more about it, play the Ernie game and learn more about how digital technologies impact your life. You can accrue Ernie’s!

L’intelligenza artificiale ti spaventa?

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L’intelligenza artificiale è una nuova tecnologia e l’implicazione della sua diffusione e adozione nella vita quotidiana è ancora sconosciuta. Se vuoi saperne di più, gioca al gioco Ernie e scopri di più su come le tecnologie digitali influenzano la tua vita. Ottieni degli Ernie’s.