Facebook and San Marino

Push Facebook

Facebook fined another 4 million euro for violating user’s privacy by  San Marino Data Protection Authority. No further appeal possible Read >>> full article <<<

Does Google auction daily your geolocations? Yes

Personal and Location Data

Google Location History ‘View’ is the new functionality in ErnieApp that you can use to discover how Google sell to advertisers the ‘places list’ you’ve been. Open the app and click on the little ‘eye’ icon under Google Geolocation to find out.

More universities are banning TikTok from their campus networks and devices

More and more U.S. public universities have blocked the social media app TikTok from their networks and are in the process of removing the app from university-issued devices because of digital security concerns. “There are legitimate reasons to be concerned about data privacy and TikTok. It’s not paranoia,” said Karen North, a professor of digital […]

Privacy take-up in Africa


The comprehensive data protection laws in Africa share many features that exist in other regimes such as the GDPR, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, and California’s California Consumer Privacy Protection Act and its successor, the California Privacy Rights Act. For example, with respect to the most common rights of data subjects, 33 African countries provide […]

Privacy on Pinterest easy!


Hello ErnieApp users! PKM 4.0 is now released!  You can now control Pinterest privacy settings including your cookies preferences. Pinterest asks your permission to share you profile with search engines. Were you aware of?

ErnieApp 4.0 coming!


Are you ready for ErnieApp 4.0? We’re getting closer and closer to app 4.0 release. Among other things it will empower you to discover how Google monetize your profile online. True Google says it doesn’t sell your personal data or location history to advertisers but in fact it auctions off your profile via key words […]

Pixalates-Q3-2022 Missing Privacy Policy Report for Google and Apple


45% of mobile apps are likely child directed. The State of California has decided to tweak a new stricter privacy regulation to protect children online and it will enforce it across all apps and not just to apps designed for children (already covered by COPPA). California leads the US privacy standard. And it’s very close […]

European Internet Forum – The Data Act

European Internet Forum

Your data are becoming very valuable for you. Companies need your express consent to collect data about you and exploit them. The tech market valuations of companies monetizing people’s data is on the verge to collapse because of the mounting number of users who ‘reject all’ cookies plus deny consent to personal data collection and […]

ErnieApp has been selected as a finalist of the of the 2022 IAPP Innovation

IAPP Finalist

ErnieApp has been selected as a finalist of the of the 2022 IAPP Innovation awards thanks to its innovative solution known as the “Privacy Knowledge Manager”, in short PKM. The PKM mobile app enables users to aggregate their digital identities in one place and be able to retrieve the privacy settings interfaces for each of […]

US Supreme Court vs Google

us google

US Supreme Court vs Google:  will federal US law permit a major tech company like Google to be sued over which content its algorithms served up to certain users? The Gonzalez case is coming up for discussion and it could change forever the Internet that we know. Why?  Because up to now platforms are not considered […]