FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What service does ErnieApp bring to me?

ErnieApp is the first ever Privacy Knowledge Manager offered to consumers.

With ErnieApp you can manage your privacy choices on popular internet services in a snap, without other parties acting as intermediaries and claiming that they can do for you what you can actually do by yourself much better than anyone else.

The principle is simple. Your consent matters to businesses. It’s not just compliance (GDPR). It’s about profitability. Consented data by users trigger a higher value in the internet market place. Basically, this means that companies need your consent to maintain profitability. All companies. No matter which is the business they are in.

So, the better you manage your consent “by yourself“, the better your user experience. Since consent links directly with data permissions purpose for the party which collects it, we truly think that no one else better than you can take the right decision in a responsible way on to whom your consent shall be given, when and for how long. Or be withdrawn.

How do I benefit from ErnieApp?

ErnieApp combines two distinct services in a unified experience: a functional “privacy manager” and an “educational” game which helps you understanding the conundrum of how internet companies use your data and what type of consent level is critical to their profitability and business model (e.g. WhatsApp needs to access your Contacts while Google Maps needs to track you through your geolocation).

We called our service a PKM (Privacy Knowledge Manager) because we love thinking that technology innovation (Privacy management function) should walk hand-in-hand with human knowledge and skills evolving.

How do I benefit from the privacy knowledge manager?

The privacy knowledge manager is what we designed to make it easy for you to manage, across your accounts, the privacy settings of 3rd party applications, through a single dashboard (Home), in real time. By “manage” we mean porting a change in the state of your 3rd party privacy settings (open/close/delete), including when we don’t have a partnership with that given 3rd party.

At the moment, the services we support are: Google (e.g. Search, Maps), You Tube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. More services are on the pipeline and we will add those that the users desire the most, progressively.

What is the Right to Monetize? How does it concern me?

The Right to Monetize (RTM) is a new notion which we propose to become an integral part of consumer digital rights.

It aims at changing the paradigm that governs users and companies relationship on internet by establishing a compensation right to users that contribute with their data to companies’ profitability.

RTM preconizes for each user the right to receive a proportionate compensation (revenue sharing based) from an internet company whom it has helped to operate its business, thanks to his generated data.

The compensation is thought to reward the persistent willingness of the user to continue share its data which are used by the internet company to make a profitable business and when this company wants to use/share the data with 3rd parties.

Under RTM scheme a user would also be entitled to a fair, proportionate, and nondiscriminatory compensation when and if he consents that his data can be used by 3rd parties for the purpose he/she agrees to.

In practice RTM would help regulating how people’s data can be passed through one or more processors based on user express consent level in a very transparent and accountable way for companies.

The system will reward those companies that commit to be privacy transparent and accountable toward end-users.

The scheme would apply to all users generated data, including those data that get pseudo-anonymized by companies for post processing purposes.

Are you interested to know more? Read the Right to Monetize Manifesto here.

What other benefits I get from the privacy knowledge manager?

Under the privacy knowledge manager service we provide you with personalized metrics. Your personalized metrics appear in the app. These are shown as “Your online contribution” and “Your Openness“.

This metrics is designed to simplify your understanding on why your consent matters and help you make an informed opinion, which you can use to base your further privacy permission decisions (e.g. being more open or less open, with whom, when, for how long or more close, or when you prefer deleting the data you generated on the 3rd party service).

The beauty is that you don’t need to send an email or mail “requests” to the 3rd party for deleting your data. You can just decide when and what to delete your personal data and do it, right away from the app. Deletion will occur immediately after you click on the delete button.

Metrics and Tokens

Your Online Contribution

What is it and how do we calculate the On Line Contribution metric for you?

The On-Line contribution metric belongs to the user domain. It’s a personalized metric. It’s computed from the analysis of your privacy settings state (open, close) on the 3rd party accounts you have configured in ErnieApp and your actions (changes and wipes).

ErnieApp Tokens

What are the ErnieApp Tokens and how do I accrue them?

The ErnieApp Tokens (expressed in units) are points that ErnieApp rewards you with for doing specific actions in app (e.g. making a referral, filling a survey; refreshing the settings, adding a digital account, playing the game levels etc). You accrue them by fulfilling actions.

Sometimes you need to fulfill actions based on specific time intervals (e.g. repeat an action for a certain number of consecutive days).

How can I redeem the ErnieApp Tokens?

Tokens can be redeemed in-app against tickets to participate in a Prize Draw. The Prize Draw occurs every month.

Do my ErnieApp Tokens Expire?

No, they do not expire.

Internet Accounts & Privacy Settings

Which are the 3rd party services that ErnieApp Supports?

Currently we support the privacy settings of some popular global internet services (Google Search, Google Maps, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The services list will grow overtime. We also plan to include popular local services.

Why some services do not work (e.g. WhatsApp / Snapchat)?

We make visible to the user which services do not provide any capability in regard to privacy settings changes. These are for example WhatsApp and Snapchat.

Which Privacy Settings can I change?

By configuring your Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in our dashboard you will be able to change those settings which apply to these accounts (e.g. your Gmail account will serve to manage settings across Search, Maps and You Tube while your Facebook account will serve to manage settings on Facebook only).

Which and how many settings you can change depends on the 3rd party privacy setting design configuration. We predict that new settings will be made available over time by these and other 3rd party and in such case we will strive to make them always accessible to you in ErnieApp.

Some companies use privacy settings which “remain obfuscated” to the user. We are sorry that in such case we will not be able to serve you those settings in ErnieApp dashboard.

Can I configure more than one service account?

Yes, you can do that (e.g. If you have 2 accounts or more of the same service (e.g. Google / Facebook) you can add all of them).

If I install on my smartphone ErnieApp and use it, does my usage of the 3rd party app gets affected?

No, we implemented ErnieApp technology in such way that your user experience doesn’t get affected.


ErnieApp is also a game: how does it work?

We provide you with a tuition game in the form of quizzes.

The game journey is made of several levels and 5 playgrounds which mimics the real world (e.g. your home, your office or a shopping mall).

By answering the quizzes you grow your awareness and knowledge around how the internet works, who needs which data from you and why; what you can expect from them; what else is happening in the technology space which renders more and more sophisticated user data collection and processing without you knowing it. Through the game you will learn how to put the digital companies in competition because they all need your consent to use your data.

ErnieApp Launch & App Availability

Why is ErnieApp being launched now?

We at ErnieApp think that the times when users feel intimidated by the internet ecosystem complexity and companies nurture that intimidation at their advantage should end. We think the time has come to make people comfortable and relaxed about digital technology, why users’ data is so critically important to businesses but also that businesses need to respect people and accept that sometimes if the trust is not validated, people will withdraw their consent and even delete their personal data as retaliation measure.

In which countries is ErnieApp Available?

The service is now available in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden. You can check the launch dates of other countries on our website. www.ernieapp.com

App Support

Does your app work on both Android an iOS?


Does your app work on desktop browsers?

Currently we support it on mobile only. We are working on making it available on desktop browsers.

Can I use ErnieApp on more than one device?

Yes, you can use ErnieApp across all your devices and manage the settings from ErnieApp dashboard.

When you change the privacy settings per account basis, these will apply across devices, seamlessly.

What if I want to delete the app? Where does my data go?

If you want to delete your personal data on ErnieApp you can do so from the app itself. Go to your profile and click on the “Delete Account” button.

If you want to unlink a 3rd party account from ErnieApp account you can do from the app itself. Open the account and click on the “Unlink account” button.

If you want to delete ErnieApp from your smartphone you can dis-install the app and your personal data will be deleted according to our privacy policy.