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The right to monetize within your reach.

Eta Beta show

Connect to the Eta Beta show on Radio RAI 1 on Sat. morning July 15th at 11:30AM CEST and find out why your consent preferences on websites and apps are worth so much. The more you use ErnieApp the more control over the value of your data.

Tv channels and privacy

Rai Play Banner 2021

Did you know that TV channels collect personal data to profile you? See RAI – the Italian broadcaster or Mediaset in Italy which apps we both support in ErnieApp. Contact us via the website and let us know which apps of TV channels, public or private you would like us to add in app so […]

Wiping data is a one-click opportunity on ErnieApp.

Google Wipe

Did you know that every week, for every 3 privacy setting changes, users wipe their data on social media? Did you realize that we are the only privacy app that allows you do to it automatically without need of sending a DSAR request to the data controller? Mind up and recommend the app to your […]

Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?

Game Playground phone

AI is a new technology and the implication of its deployment and adoption in everyday life is still unknown. If you want to know more about it, play the Ernie game and learn more about how digital technologies impact your life. You can accrue Ernie’s!

L’intelligenza artificiale ti spaventa?

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L’intelligenza artificiale è una nuova tecnologia e l’implicazione della sua diffusione e adozione nella vita quotidiana è ancora sconosciuta. Se vuoi saperne di più, gioca al gioco Ernie e scopri di più su come le tecnologie digitali influenzano la tua vita. Ottieni degli Ernie’s.

Time to wipe your personal data?


It’s a good practice to exercise your privacy rights on a regular basis. If you regularly wipe your search history on Google search, Google Maps and You Tube, have you considered wiping search history on Instagram and facebook as well?  Give it a try. It’s so easy with ErnieApp that it’s like a breeze.

ChatGPT. Le condizioni del Garante Privacy

Chat GPT

Il Garante privacy: “La limitazione provvisoria sarà sospesa se OpenAI adotterà le misure richieste”. L’Autorità ha dato tempo alla società fino al 30 aprile per mettersi in regola. leggi >>l’articolo completo <<

Good or bad to share data and information with companies ?

Android phone

Well. Privacy is a right and monetization is an option. What’s important is that it’s you decide on your own when and what. Keep it always I mind. Until when you can freely decide, you are the master, and you remain in control. Technology is here to help you automate and scale but not to […]

Are car manufacturers violating privacy more seriously than advertisement platforms?


Well, it seems yes. Tesla workers shared ‘intimate’ car camera images; ex-employees allege: ‘Massive invasion of privacy” reports the Guardian. This is what ErnieApp is about. Stopping these misbehaviors. With data collection having gone ‘systemic’ only users can halt it and only if they understand how to do it. Why we advocate for privacy settings […]