January 2022 – Prize Draw Winner Announcement

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ErnieApp is happy to announce the winner of the January 2022 Prize Draw edition (10€ Amazon Gift Card). The lucky winner is Cesare Silipo . Well done Cesare! Cesare is a member of the ErnieApp community which continues to grow and expand beyond European geographies. We can now account new active users in Mexico, Unites […]


Ma TikTok i privacy setting ce li ha o no? E cosa ne fa dei nostri dati?

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«L’App cinese di video e musica per giovani TikTok è stupida, l’ambizione imperiale della Cina no». È il titolo parafrasato dell’articolo scritto per Bloomberg a Luglio da Niall Ferguson, rispettato docente di storia a Stanford ed Harvard, visiting professor alla Tsinghua di Pechino. L’App, ideata in Cina è, come noto, al centro dell’ultima battaglia tra l’Amministrazione Trump e Pechino. […]

FTC requires ISPs to share every detail of their data collection practices | TechCrunch

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In an interesting development the FTC has launched a request for information that will shed more light on certain companies’ privacy practices. The most notable trend in FTC request for information is in our view the request made on companies around data collection practices and only after data processing practices. We are immensely grateful to […]

Facebook times getting harder in Europe

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Germany will enforce European law against Facebook if it combines its Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services into a unified platform that would amount to a “monopoly,” according to the country’s justice minister. “This [plan to merge messaging services] raises major questions about antitrust and data protection,” Katarina Barley, a Social Democrat, said in a […]

ErnieApp Decoding Organizational DNA | Accenture

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Not a surprise that the industry starts looking into employment/workforce generated data as potentially triggering great value and reusability/monetization opportunities. Fortunately, the Accenture study preconizes for a successful data model relying on workforce generated data the expressed consent rule and the set up of a transparent gain participation scheme for employees. We @ErnieApp share such vision and […]