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Get 150 Ernie’s

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If you make a referral (inviting a friend who registers an ErnieApp account) you earn 150 Ernie’s. You need 500 Ernie’s to activate the Red plan. Talk to your friends about ErnieApp and save Red plan activation fees by enrolling them in the Ernie family.

Privacy tip

facebook privacy

Hei! Time to review data sharing permission on Facebook following the updated of its privacy policy. Go to ErnieApp dashboard and click on Facebook account icon.

Push Notifications


Push notifications were paused this summer. We’ll now resume them. Notifications from ErnieApp are informative by nature. We don’t profile or target you. Just keep you informed. Please check that the push notification switch, under Profile, is ‘green’ (set to ON).

Privacy tip

Facebook wipe

Cleaning up your data on social media apps? Is it possible? Indeed it is. Open any privacy setting screen of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin from ErnieApp dashboard, tap on the ‘broom’ icon and wipe your data instantly. Your experience on the service will not change but these services will have lot less data to exploit.

Privacy tip


Discover, decide, delete: The Ultimate Privacy App!

The right to monetize within your reach.

Eta Beta show

Connect to the Eta Beta show on Radio RAI 1 on Sat. morning July 15th at 11:30AM CEST and find out why your consent preferences on websites and apps are worth so much. The more you use ErnieApp the more control over the value of your data.

Tv channels and privacy

Rai Play Banner 2021

Did you know that TV channels collect personal data to profile you? See RAI – the Italian broadcaster or Mediaset in Italy which apps we both support in ErnieApp. Contact us via the website and let us know which apps of TV channels, public or private you would like us to add in app so […]

Wiping data is a one-click opportunity on ErnieApp.

Google Wipe

Did you know that every week, for every 3 privacy setting changes, users wipe their data on social media? Did you realize that we are the only privacy app that allows you do to it automatically without need of sending a DSAR request to the data controller? Mind up and recommend the app to your […]

Does Artificial Intelligence scare you?

Game Playground phone

AI is a new technology and the implication of its deployment and adoption in everyday life is still unknown. If you want to know more about it, play the Ernie game and learn more about how digital technologies impact your life. You can accrue Ernie’s!