Facebook has new plans for user messaging

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Here is what we think of Mark Zuckerberg yesterday’s announcement on its renewed value proposition to end-users. The proclaim seems very user and privacy friendly, focusing on encryption and ephemerality. But what we read between lines looks much bigger. It’s a U-turn approach to how Facebook does business and compete in the marketplace. Up to […]

Facebook times getting harder in Europe

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Germany will enforce European law against Facebook if it combines its Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram messaging services into a unified platform that would amount to a “monopoly,” according to the country’s justice minister. “This [plan to merge messaging services] raises major questions about antitrust and data protection,” Katarina Barley, a Social Democrat, said in a […]

ErnieApp Decoding Organizational DNA | Accenture

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Not a surprise that the industry starts looking into employment/workforce generated data as potentially triggering great value and reusability/monetization opportunities. Fortunately, the Accenture study preconizes for a successful data model relying on workforce generated data the expressed consent rule and the set up of a transparent gain participation scheme for employees. We @ErnieApp share such vision and […]

GDPR Will Pick Up Momentum in 2019

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Jan 7 2019 | We at ErnieApp we call on digital companies to become fully open and transparent toward consumers privacy as we see it as a new powerful conversational marketing proposition. Consumers will reward those companies (with contextual data) if companies do not hide or artificially make complex how privacy is implemented on their […]