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Annuncio partnership!

Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare una partnership congiunta con l’Associazione Privacy APS ITALIA. APS ha un ottimo programma per le scuole superiori chiamato RPD Studente. ErnieApp

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Associazione Privacy APS ITALY

Partnership announced!

Proud to announce a joint partnership with Associazione Privacy APS ITALY. APS has a superb program for Colleges called RPD Studente. ErnieApp has agreed to

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How to get Ernies - Accrue angled right view

Get 150 Ernie’s

If you make a referral (inviting a friend who registers an ErnieApp account) you earn 150 Ernie’s. You need 500 Ernie’s to activate the Red

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facebook privacy

Privacy tip

Hei! Time to review data sharing permission on Facebook following the updated of its privacy policy. Go to ErnieApp dashboard and click on Facebook account

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Push Notifications

Push notifications were paused this summer. We’ll now resume them. Notifications from ErnieApp are informative by nature. We don’t profile or target you. Just keep

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