GDPR Will Pick Up Momentum in 2019

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Jan 7 2019 | We at ErnieApp we call on digital companies to become fully open and transparent toward consumers privacy as we see it as a new powerful conversational marketing proposition. Consumers will reward those companies (with contextual data) if companies do not hide or artificially make complex how privacy is implemented on their […]

Amazon reveals how many Alexa devices have been sold: 100 million

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Jan 7, 2019 | With Amazon revealing how many Alexa devices have been sold (100 million) by Dec 31 2018, it shows how the competition race between Amazon and Google is heating up around voice-enabled assistant devices. Indeed consumers are showing appetite for these news elegant and stylish “smart” devices but are they conscious of the […]

Facial recognition: It’s time for action

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It’s time big tech companies start being vocal on trends they don’t support. We praise Microsoft for having started joining a camp made still of too few companies. We share in particular their views around these two principles: “Ensuring notice” whereby “The law should require that entities that use facial recognition to identify consumers place […]

Tech giants in the digital age

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Tommaso Valletti, European Commission, DG Competition Chief Economist speaking about tech giants and dominance at CRA Conference on Dec 5, 2018. In his presentation, the Chief Economist emphasized how privacy policy can entrench dominance and also what possible remedies can be devised. We encourage you to look at his slide n.12 (available at where he points […]